Youth + Environment + Community


We support people working to make communities more equitable for all and we believe in being stewards of the land we are lucky to call home. We respect the dedication and expertise of nonprofit teams we meet throughout the states of Oregon and Hawaii, and we believe they know best how to spend their grant dollars. For this reason, 100% of our grants are unrestricted funds to nonprofit organizations striving to protect ecosystems, mitigate climate change, reduce child poverty and provide youth advocacy and education.

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A note on community

Kapahukapu - Manini Beach, Photo Credit: Alvis Upitis

One of the most enduring efforts of The Healy Foundation is the stewardship of Kapahukapu, currently known as Manini Beach. Kapahukapu was used as an ancient site of healing by the Hawaiians. It is located on the south shore of Kealakekua Bay in South Kona on Hawaii Island. The bay has been designated as a National Marine Reserve and is home to several culturally significant sites.

In 2001, The Healy Foundation entered into a 29-year lease of ¾ of an acre of the Kapahukapu area with the Kamehameha Schools Foundation. The Healy Foundation helped to restore the site and now provides full time local caretakers, site maintenance, picnic areas, an organic community garden, produce exchange, and bathroom facilities. There is an annual clean up day and picnic that brings the community together to care for this special place.

 The foundation is committed to providing an environment of respect and appreciation for the history, beauty, environmental value and traditions of the site. It is a place that brings culture, educational activities, visitors, children, local families and community together.